Top 10 advantages of being short “Petite” (less than 5’3)

From the top of your 55 meter, you feel that nature has been unfair to you? Think again: in reality, your life would have been much less cool if you had made 20 centimeters more.

  1. You have more success with men
    An English study of a sample of 10,000 women showed that those between 1m51 and 1m58 were more often married and mothers at 42 than those above the national average. And bim in teeth Adriana Karembeu.
  2. You can lengthen our legs in the plane
    And poke a nap, while our neighbor squirms in all directions to try to find a position just a tiny less uncomfortable.
  3. You can do your shopping at the children’s department
    And we do not teach you: it’s much much cheaper than the adult part.
  4. You have very little chance of falling on a guy smaller than us
    Unless you hit Tyrion Lannister, but hey …
  5. You can sneak into the aeration ducts
    In an action movie with Bruce Willis, it can be very useful.
  6. People want to hug you
    Because everything that is small is cute, everyone knows that.
  7. You’re less likely to have cancer
    The American journal Cancer Epidemiology did reveal that the risk of suffering from breast, colon, ovarian, thyroid or skin cancer increased by 13% for every ten centimeters of extra size. With your meter thirty, you should be quiet.
  8. You are tired after two glasses of wine
    A state of euphoria that the great ones hardly reach until the end of their eighth pint.
  9. Less soap is consumed
    But so much shampoo.
  10. You’re always in the front row on the class photo
    And sitting. Which, we are not going to lie, gives much more capacity than standing, arms dangling, next to the physics teacher.

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